NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer Review

I really wanted to like the Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer by NYX, but unfortunately it's just not the concealer for me...

This concealer is supposed to be light weight and crease free, and claims to provide smooth, long lasting coverage. I agree that it's both light weight and crease free, but it just doesn't seem to cover much for me. The formula is nice and creamy, but a bit on the thin side I find. It's also very easy to blend but on me it seems to blend away into almost nothing, and really doesn't provide me with much coverage at all (I also tried to build up this concealer but there was really no difference).

Also, while the jar is cute it's not very practical. If you're using a brush, fine, but if you want to get at it with your fingers it's hard to get at and also not the most hygenic. I find that the best way to apply it is with a brush, though.

Anyway, I'll continue to use this but I won't repurchase once it's used up. It's a bummer because I had been so excited to try this product and was left quite underwhelmed!

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