NYX Matte Blotting Paper Review

Yesterday was a hot day, and I found my face looking much more oily then I would like it to. I was in Lawtons already picking up some things so when I spotted these Matte Blotting Papers by NYX I decided to get them and see if they would help. There were three other types of blotting papers by NYX (Blemish Control, Green Tea, and Tea Tree) but they were more expensive then these ones (and I would rather not spend almost $10 on blotting papers - these matte ones were around $5 which is still pushing it). Each pack comes with 50 sheets of 100% pure pulpe paper and comes in a cute little envelope, though the heart on the front is just a sticker.

Basically, NYX claims that these are the perfect blotting papers for on the go, that my oily-ness will be no more, and that my makeup will still be in tact. I agree with two of those: they're great to keep in your purse and they don't mess up your makeup. As for getting rid of oils these blotting papers were nothing special and I wouldn't repurchase them. They definitely didn't make me matte; I was still left looking pretty oily. They reduced the appearance of shine a little but that's it. I wasn't very impressed and I much prefer the blotting papers by Clean & Clear that I've also tried before. What about you? Do you use blotting papers, and if so, which ones are your favorite?

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  1. I'm Italian, so I get oily pretty quickly. I've never actually tried blotting papers though. I always start with Clean n Clears mattifying moisturizer and a touch of Smashbox Photo finish primer. The combo is pretty good at keeping me oil-free. If I do get greesy, I just blot with a tissue or paper towel, and then buff on a tiny bit of baby powder (I know that's frowned upon in the beauty world, but it works for me). I might have to try some blotting paper now.


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