Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon Review & Swatch

I've been on the lookout for the new Revlon Lip Butter shades for what seems like forever; and I finally found them (well three of them)! They were tucked away on a random stand in Lawtons, mixed in with tons of different odds and ends including nail polishes and cupcake shaped lip balms, just waiting for me to find them. At first I just thought they were old shades but once I picked one up I was estatic to find that they were the new ones! Wild Watermelon, the one I have here, is the one I wanted the most so I was very happy that it was there.

Wild Watermelon is, well, pretty much a watermelon shade. It leans a bit more red then pink, though. It's a great color and definitely very summer.

I already love Revlon's Lip Butters and this one is no exception. It applied super smoothly, was moisturizing, and wore well too.

Here's a wrist swatch! Lip Butters vary in coverage, some are as opaque as a lipstick and some are really sheer; but Wild Watermelon is somewhere in between. It's semi-sheer and semi-opaque and has a bit of translucency on the lips.

Not the best picture quality but here's me wearing it on the lips. I love the juicy finish that it has! Now if only I could find the Juicy Papaya shade!
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