Avon Fiji Paradise Eau de Toilette Spray

When I first gave Fiji Paradise a sniff I was instantly hit with nostalgia. The scent, which is from the Avon Fiji Paradise collection, reminded me so much of when I was young. It smells just like a sunscreen (I think it was sunscreen at least..!) that we used when I was little. It gives me fun memories of the beach and spending summers at our cottage with the family. The Fiji Paradise scent is available in an Eau de Toilette Spray, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, and Body Mist, and as you can see I got the Fiji Paradise Eau de Toilette Spray ($20CDN). I had to have this scent because it just makes me so happy and nostalgic.. It's like a safe and cozy blanket for me.. or towel, since it reminds me of the beach and cottage? Haha.
Fiji Paradise is described as "a tropical escape of creamy coconut, sparkling lotus blossom, exotic tiare flower and sensual white musk". I can definitely smell the coconut in it, and I think that's the main note that reminds me of my childhood. The creamy scent of the tiare flower is also really comforting, along with the lotus blossom. I like the slight musk to the scent, too. Overall, this is very much a fragrance suited for the warmer months. I'm so glad it exists because it just takes me to a happy place.
What do you think? Is there a certain scent that makes you nostalgic?


  1. Describing scents is so difficult, and you made me feel like I'm literally smelling this stuff! I really want to get a bottle now, I feel like it would have the same nostalgic smell for me, like my childhood summers in a bottle :) Thanks so much for this review!


    1. I think I'm pretty awful at describing scents, so I'm glad that I was able to be helpful! :) From what I've seen it seems like this scent is nostalgic for a lot of people!


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