Rediscovering Products

If you're a beauty blogger, or beauty lover in general, you'll know how easy it is to sometimes forget about products you like (or love) when you're always trying new ones out. Time to time you'll dig out a product and then wonder why you ever stopped using it! So, today I'll be sharing three products that I recently rediscovered..

From left to right we have The Body Shop's Brow & Liner Kit, an EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Passion Fruit, and the Definicils High Definition Mascara by Lancome.

Prior to rediscovering the Brow & Liner Kit I had been using either my Define-A-Brow pencil by Maybelline or Sexspresso by Too Faced (an eyeshadow) to do my brows. Now I've been defining the arches of my brows with the pencil and filling in the rest with the shade on the left of the Brow & Liner Kit. I find this looks more natural and not as dark and bold, and I prefer it especially for the summer. The shade I use this kit in is Blonde/Auburn, and though I'm a brunette I find it works just fine for me!

EOS balms were never my absolute favorite balm.. they did a better job of locking any moisture your lips already had in, rather then treating them. I moved onto more suitable balms and kind of forgot about these adorable spheres.. Then I remembered what a great primer for lipsticks (or lip color in general) they seem to make! I definitely recommend trying them out this way!

And my last rediscovered product is the Definicils High Definition Mascara.. Lancome makes a great mascara and this is no exception. This particular mascara offers length and separation. It does a wonderful job at lengthening, and also gives the lashes a lovely fluttery look. Like all Lancome mascaras I've tried, I love it!

Have you rediscovered any products in your collection lately? Tell me in the comments!

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