August Favorites & Empties

As you can see I don't have many favorites this month.. Just two eyeshadow palettes and a fragrance. I was always wearing a different lip color or mascara (etc.) this month so there weren't any that I wore enough to be warranted as 'monthly favorites'.

Anyway, my August favorites consist of the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette, the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, and Meow! by Katy Perry. The only shadows I wore this month were from either of these palettes.. If I wanted shimmer I went with the Comfort Zone, and if I wanted matte I went with the Naked Basics. Both palettes include great neutrals and the quaity of each is fantastic. As for Meow!, it's one of my favorite fragrances and it got lots of love this month.

Onto the empties..!

I finished up mosty skincare items along with three mascaras that have done their time. From left to right is Pond's Cleansing and Makeup Removing Towelettes, Maybelline's Illegal Length Mascara, Avon's Foot Works Dual-Action Pedi Peel, a sample of Vichy's Normaderm Hydrating Acne Care lotion, Rimmel's Max Volume Flash mascara, L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes mascara, and the St Ives Apricot Scrub.

I wanted to try out some different cleansing wipes and while these ones did their job they weren't anything special and I like my ones by Clean & Clear and Neutrogena better, so I wouldn't repurchase. As for all three of the mascaras, I've kept them longer then I should and it's time for them to go. They were all good but again, nothing special, so I don't think that I would repurchase any of them. I have soooo many more mascaras to get through anyway.. both open and unopened!

You all know that I hate feet (including my own) so I try to make them as nice as they can be.. these pads from Avon are supposed to exfoliate and retexturize dry skin to let new, heathy skin resurface but.. they didn't really do anything. I got them on sale for cheap but it still felt like a waste of money. With the Vichy lotion I didn't really get to use it long enough to  see any results or changes.

And my last empty product is the ever popuar St Ives Apricot Scrub.. some people love it and some people say that it's much too harsh. I heard they changed the formula though, and I think that's what I have since it was quite gentle.. I did like it and can see myself purchasing it again, but right now I'm using the Green Tea scrub (also by St Ives!) which is one of my favorites.

Benefit's Real Birthday Turn-Ons!

Sephora's Beauty Insiders birthday gift for this year is from Benefit, and includes two generous samples of their They're Real! mascara and Watt's Up! highlighter. These are two products from Benefit that I've always wanted to try, so you can imagine my excitement when I first learned of this gift! I've patiently awaited my birthday all year long and now I finally get to try these products out!

The They're Real! mascara is one of Benefit's bestsellers and is raved about time and time again. I've always wanted to try it but it has a wetter formula and a rubber wand.. two things I usually don't get along with in mascaras. I still wanted to try it to see what the hype was about though, so I'm glad it was included with the gift! As for the Watts Up! highlighter.. I've swatched it many times and have almost took the plunge and bought it more then once. It's been on my list for quite a while! I kind of fell in love with it so it's awesome that I have this deluxe sample now instead of having to buy it!

Okay, let's get into my thoughts shall we? Let's start with the mascara..

Unfortunately, They're Real! didn't impress me that much. The wetter formula and rubber bristles didn't give me any troubles and it was easy to apply.. but I just found this mascara to be pretty average. It claims to "lengthen, curl, volumize, lift, and separate the lashes for a spectacular "out-to-here" look" but these claims seemed to fall short for me.

Here it is on my lashes.. I think it does a better job with length and separation then volume  and curl which I usually favor. It's a decent mascara but I definitely wouldn't pay $30 for the full size, especially when there are drugstore options that work just as well or better.

Watt's Up! on the other hand I love..! I have a bit of a weakness for highlighters and this one is just beautiful. Here's some swatches:

The first photo is unblended, and the second is blended. It's your typical champagne highlight yet it gives such a gorgeous glow.. almost like you're lit from within. It's definitely up there with my favorite highlighters already!  In terms of actual application it's creamy, smooth, and very easy to blend. This is something that I would purchase the full size for!
Are you a Sephora Beauty Insider? If so, have you gotten this free birthday gift yet? Let me know if you liked it!

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer (AKA The Perfect Product For A Zombie Apocalypse) Review & Swatches

If there's ever a zombie apocalypse and you still want to rock a killer color that also lasts, then look no further then the Apocalips Lip Lacquers by Rimmel London. Rest assured that your pout will still look perfect while you take care of a zombie with your crossbow!

Here I have two of the Apocalips in Stellar (top) and Apocalyptic (bottom). There are also ten more shades released in Canada (as well as the US, I believe) to choose from but these two stood out to me the most - I love bright lip colors, what can I say?

Before we get into the actual product let's talk about the packaging. In short, I love it. It's a pretty sleek tube with a faceted type of cap. Although these came shrinkwrapped when I bought them (bless), there's also a handy way to find out if your tube has been tampered with!

See the clear window? It should be clear when you get it, and fill up once you take the applicator out:

Helpful, right? So if these aren't sealed when you buy them no worries.. you'll easily be able to tell if it's been opened or not!

The Apocalips Lip Lacquers also come with what looks like an ordinary doe-foot applicator, but if you look closely you'll see a small well which holds product. This way you have the perfect amount to apply every time! This applicator is also slightly flexible which helps you to get precise application. Okay, time for swatches!

Apocalyptic (left) is a cool-toned, hot pink fuschia and Stellar (right) is a pretty coral. Both are super bright and fun.. perhaps not the best shades for Autumn but whatever! The finish of these is glossy at first, but dries to a matte as time goes by.

Apocalyptic (top) and Stellar (bottom)

Wearing Apocalyptic

Wearing Stellar

Time for me to rave about these lip lacquers! First off, application is easy peasy. The formula isn't really thin or thick and is creamy and opaque. It isn't sticky and I find it quite comfortable to wear. They do seem to have a bit of that sweet, artificial scent that lots of Rimmel lip products seem to have, but I only notice it for a second.  Now let's talk lasting power! These wear all day.. even throughout eating and drinking. It leaves a pretty serious stain so you don't have to worry about reapplying; said stain only started to fade on me after six hours! In a zombie apocalypse you could go out on a supply run and fight your way back to your camp and your lip color would still look great! I love these and would definitely recommend!

Oh, and since we're somewhat on the subject.. Who else can't wait for The Walking Dead to come back?! I'm ready for the emotional turmoil!

Hautelook Heads Up! tarte Cosmetics

Hello! I just wanted to pop in to let you guys know that tarte is on Hautelook right now! There's a lot of variety this time around which is exciting. There's lipsticks, lipglosses, blush, eyeshadows, eyeliner, and more.. including a few sets! I played with the idea of getting one of the Amazonian Clay Blushes (I've wanted to try one for the longest time) but none of the shades offered interested me. I guess that's good and bad.. Good because I'll save my money, and bad because, well, I wanted to try one while it was on sale! Anyway, will you be checking this event out?

Drugstore Sightings! Wet n Wild, Almay & Rimmel London

When I was out and about yesterday I spotted some new products.. and so here we are with our third Drugstore Sightings post!

Let's start with Wet n Wild.. We never seem to get their limited edition products here in Canada but while I was in Lawtons I spotted not one, but two collections!

I found their Pop Art Craze eyeshadow trios, as well as some products from the Fergie line! I almost got one of the trios to review but I just know that I wouldn't use the colors so I resisted. /pats self on the back

I also found Almay's new Liquid Lip Balms, which I'm kind of curious about.. I swatched one of them in Apricot Pucker and it did feel really nice..! I'm not sure if I'll ever purchase, though.

And my last and most exciting sighting (you might know what it is if you follow my Instagram)...

...the Apocalips Lip Laqcuers by Rimmel London! I've been waiting and waiting for these to appear in Canada and did a little jump of joy when I came across them. I was also pumped that they kept the original 'Apocalips' name, rather then changing it to 'Show Off Lip Lacquer' like they did in the US. Apocalips is just so much cooler.. am I right? Anyway, I bought two of them so be on the lookout for a review!

Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint Review & Swatches

I've heard of Model Co before, but never got the chance to try out any of their products until now. I have their Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosy Red here, and I'm quite impressed! I struggle a bit with the application of cream blushes and tints but this was pretty fool-proof and easy to apply which is definitely a plus for me!

This tint comes in a small squeeze tube (about the size of your palm) with a needle-nose dispenser. This combination makes it easy to control how much product you're getting.

Okay, moving along! Here's what Model Co says about the Cheek + Lip Tint:

"The sheer formulation provides an instant splash of color for a super long-lasting, no mess finish. Use Cheek + Lips to create a subtle wash of color or layer it for a deeper, more intense flush."
Just as the name implies, this tint is indeed a rosy red. It's a gel-like consistency and It blends out to such a pretty flush! Model Co says not to rub this tint, but to tap it in with your fingertips which makes the application just perfect! On the cheeks it just looks so lovely and healthy.. I love it! I've only tried it on my lips once but immediately took it off since I didn't like how it felt.. It wasn't all that noticeable on my lips, though.
Something else I'd like to share is that this smells like strawberries! Sometimes the scent makes me happy.. and sometimes it annoys me. I thought it was worth noting since scents in products can be a turn-off to some!

Miracle Worker by Philosophy

When I used up my last moisturizer I decided to take a look in my samples bag to see if there was anything I could use before buying a new one; I ended up finding Miracle Worker by Philosophy, and I think I love it..

My sample of the Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Moisturizer contains 0.4oz of product, while the full size comes in a jar containing 2oz. I find this tube is very generous though, and I still have a lot left in it.

Anyway, this moisturizer is "a rejuvenating, age-fighting hydrator that softens, firms, and brightens the complexion". I only recently turned eighteen but I really enjoy this product. I'd say the texture is a mixture between a gel and a lotion.. It applies easily, absorbs quickly, and is also quite lightweight. It has a bit of a scent (it smells like sweet pine to me.. though I'm not sure if that makes any sense haha) but I don't find it irritating at all. When I use this it just feels hyrdrating and pleasant, and I feel like it instantly brightens up my face.

Like I said, I think I may just love this product.. The only problem is that the full-sized jar is $74CAN and I'm just not willing to pay that much for a moisturizer. Sigh.. If I could get my hands on more samples of this in the future that would be wonderful, though!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Catfight Review & Swatches

Urban Decay recently came out with their Revolution Lipsticks, a brand new line of lipsticks for the fall. They're touted as "creamy badass luxury" and when I saw them I knew that I had to try one! Out of the twenty-two colors, the one that stood out the most to me (for both color and name!) was Catfight, which I'll be reviewing and swatching today.
Let's talk about packaging first! The Revolution Lipsticks come in a tall and slender gunmetal tube, with a slightly faceted feel to them.. you may be able to see in the photo that it's not completely smooth. I like the look of the tube personally.. it's edgy and different from anything else in my lipstick collection! It is a bit of a fingerprint magnet but nothing too bad, though.
Catfight is described as a "pink fuschia with a slight red undertone", which I would say is spot-on. It doesn't lean too warm or cool and also helps to make my teeth look whiter which is a big plus in my book! It's also a shade that I see being very wearable all through the year regardless of the season.
These lipsticks are said to "deliver intense color payoff plus creamy shine" and I think you can see that it does indeed deliver on that claim from this swatch. This is just a single pass and it's fully opaque!
I tried to get a good lip swatch but had no luck (I can never get good quality close-ups!) so I'll show you a full face shot instead (I find these can be more helpful anyway).
I thought it would be perfect to pair Catfight with my cat print jumper, hehe. Anyway, as for application: awesome. This lipstick just glides on; no dragging or skipping just as Urban Decay claims! Since it's such a bold shade I would suggest using a lip liner prior, though. Catfight lasted all day, even throughout eating and drinking! It leaves behind a stain which also helps the color last.. it didn't start to fade on me until after about eleven hours! If I had to pick one word to sum up this lipstick it would be 'amazing~'!

My First Textured Polish: OPI Liquid Sand in Alcatraz... Rocks

I never really got on board with the trend of textured polish when it first came out.. It just didn't seem to interest me and I never saw a shade that I liked enough to try - until now, that is! Today I have Alcatraz... Rocks by OPI, which uses their 'liquid sand' technology. It's from their new San Fransisco collection and is one of the three Liquid Sand polishes featured.

Alcatraz... Rocks is a gorgeous smoky purple with loads of pretty glitter and sparkle. When I first saw swatches of it I just knew that I had to have it!

I used two coats here (as OPI suggests) which gave opaque and full coverage. Application was smooth and easy, and it didn't take long at all to dry down into a textured finish. I was a bit wary of said textured finish, but it's not too gritty. To me it just feels like sandpaper.. This could be a little annoying as my nails could snag on clothes when I tried to change or on towels when I tried to dry my hands after washing them. I'm sad to say that after I washed and dried my hands for the first time after applying this that I got a few chips on the tips of some nails. I guess that would be my only negative..!

OPI also says not to use a topcoat with the Liquid Sand polishes, but I did apply one afterwards to see the difference..! It didn't take away from the textured finish (or make the nails smooth to touch), just made the polish a bit glossier.

What do you think? Have you tried any textured polishes?

Cleaning Out My Stash: Lipstick

I did a post back here where I went through my eyeliners and nail polishes in an attempt to declutter my stash. I've been meaning to get through the rest of my makeup (because 1. I have too much and 2. I'm kind of a hoarder), but I only got around to doing more recently. I've gone through my lipstick stash as the title of this post suggests, and this is the aftermath:

Out of all my lipsticks I was able to get rid of.. eight. There were some in my collection that I was unsure of though, so I may get rid of some more in the future. I was quite surprised to find that six out of the eight shown here had shimmer in them or straight up frost finishes.. I loathe such lipsticks and couldn't believe I had that many! Anyway, these lipsticks were either old or just didn't tickle my fancy.. some will be tossed and some will be passed onto friends or family. For example I ended up giving the Rimmel and theBalm lipsticks to my mother, who I think they would look much better on!

What about you? Have you done any decluttering in your collection lately?

Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya Review & Swatches

When Revlon came out with four new shades of their Colorburst Lip Butters, I knew I had to get my hands on Juicy Papaya and Wild Watermelon. I found Wild Watermelon here, but never had any luck finding Juicy Papaya until recently. Stores have finally added all the new shades to the permanent Lip Butter displays, so I was finally able to get it - yay!

Juicy Papaya is a soft and muted peachy coral color. Peach and coral are my weaknesses, so it's no surprise that I was drawn to this shade! Revlon's Lip Butters are one of my favorite lip products and including this one I now have six of them. Like my others, Juicy Papaya applied easily and smoothly, is hydrating, and comfortable to wear. I love it and it didn't disappoint!

Okay, swatch time!

The first photo shows one 'normal' swipe, where you can see it's quite sheer. The second photo is a much heavier swatch.. you can see the color more but it still has a transluscent quality to it. And the third photo is a lip swatch (obviously) where I applied the product heavily. If I just apply it normally it just gives a very slight tint to my lips and some shine, so I didn't see the point in showing a lip swatch for that way. If your lips aren't very pigmented it would probably show up better, though! Anyway..
I can see myself getting a lot of use out of Juicy Papaya whether I wear it sheer or heavily. Worn sheer it just gives my lips a little boost as I just explained (shine and a faint tint) and I can also substitute it as a balm; worn heavily (though still not opaque) it's one of those shades that's right up my alley. It'll be a great everyday shade or something to slap on when I don't know what else to wear.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review & Swatches

I told myself many times that I didn't need the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette when it first came out, but since then I've seen so many rave reviews and finally caved. I ended up asking for it for my birthday and that's how it came to be mine.

From the posts I had seen on this palette I knew that it was pretty small.. but I was still a little surprised when I got it! It fits right into the palm of your hand (as shown above) and would be perfect for travelling. Okay, let's get to the good stuff now!

Naked Basics contains six shadows, which from left to right are Venus, Foxy, W.O.S (Walk of Shame), Naked 2, Faint, and Crave. Foxy and W.O.S have been featured in palettes before (Naked 2 and the Build Your Own palette) but the rest are exclusive to Naked Basics.

Here are the swatches in the same order as in the palette! Venus is described as a soft, off-white demi-matte, Foxy as a very light yellow/white matte, Walk of Shame as a very light nude matte, Naked 2 as a taupe matte, Faint as a warm, dusty brown matte, and Crave as a deepest, darkest brown/black matte. I'd say the descriptions for each shade are pretty spot-on! All of the shades were up to par with Urban Decay's shadow quality, and one swipe each is shown in the swatch photo.
With this palette you definitely have all you need to create a neutral eye look. Venus would look really pretty as an inner corner highlight, and I love using Foxy or W.O.S as an all over lid shade to get a nice, nude base. You can also use these three shades as browbone highlights. Naked 2 and Faint would make great crease shades, and you could use Crave as an eyeliner for something more subtle then gel or liquid.
Overall, do you neeeeed this palette though? I'm think I'm going to say no.. The quality is fantastic and you have six really nice neutrals but I don't think it's a must-have. I really like it, and I think that it makes a great gift but I just don't think you have to go out of your way to get it. I mean, I'm sure we all have a million neutral shadows, right? On the other hand, if you're an Urban Decay junkie or really don't have any similiar shadows then I would say go for it! What do you think? Do you own Naked Basics?

Birthday Goodies!

Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday, and these are the makeup goodies that I got! I got the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, one of the new Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks, and of course, this years Beauty Insiders gift from Sephora (minis of Benefit's They're Real mascara and Watt's Up highlighter!). I'll be reviewing all of these products for sure, so be on the lookout!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Comfort Zone Review & Swatches

I've wanted to try the Comfort Zone palette from Wet n Wild for quite a while now, but everytime I come across it I think to myself, "Maybe I'll wait until next time..". There were a lot of 'next times' and I still hadn't gotten it, so I was really excited when Megan ended up getting it for me as a gift! Isn't she a sweet best friend?

The Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection palettes contain eight shadows, which are all labelled with 'Browbone', 'Eyelid', 'Crease', and 'Definer'. This can come in handy for a quick and easy eye look, and there's also some ideas on the back of the palette.

The packaging seems a bit cheap but the plastic is really sturdy, and I actually can't get it to open without popping a knife or something into it which is pretty inconvenient! The difficulty I have opening this palette is the only problem I have with the packaging.


Here are the swatches! You've got some beautiful neutral shades, a nice olive, and an awesome duochrome! Seriously, look at it!

The quality of these shadows is superb. The texture is so buttery and smooth, and the pigmentation is phenomenal. They're just excellent in every way! The only shades that weren't quite up to par with the rest were the Browbone shade and the Definer shade from the left side of the palette (the first and last swatch in the first photo). They were a wee bit drier and I went over them two or three times, while the other shadows were a single swipe each.

Overall, I would defintely recommend this palette! I already recommend Wet n Wild's shadows, but this palette is a bang for your buck - you get eight beautiful shades and wonderful quality for cheap! I need to thank you again for getting this for me, Megan!!