Cleaning Out My Stash: Lipstick

I did a post back here where I went through my eyeliners and nail polishes in an attempt to declutter my stash. I've been meaning to get through the rest of my makeup (because 1. I have too much and 2. I'm kind of a hoarder), but I only got around to doing more recently. I've gone through my lipstick stash as the title of this post suggests, and this is the aftermath:

Out of all my lipsticks I was able to get rid of.. eight. There were some in my collection that I was unsure of though, so I may get rid of some more in the future. I was quite surprised to find that six out of the eight shown here had shimmer in them or straight up frost finishes.. I loathe such lipsticks and couldn't believe I had that many! Anyway, these lipsticks were either old or just didn't tickle my fancy.. some will be tossed and some will be passed onto friends or family. For example I ended up giving the Rimmel and theBalm lipsticks to my mother, who I think they would look much better on!

What about you? Have you done any decluttering in your collection lately?

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