Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint Review & Swatches

I've heard of Model Co before, but never got the chance to try out any of their products until now. I have their Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosy Red here, and I'm quite impressed! I struggle a bit with the application of cream blushes and tints but this was pretty fool-proof and easy to apply which is definitely a plus for me!

This tint comes in a small squeeze tube (about the size of your palm) with a needle-nose dispenser. This combination makes it easy to control how much product you're getting.

Okay, moving along! Here's what Model Co says about the Cheek + Lip Tint:

"The sheer formulation provides an instant splash of color for a super long-lasting, no mess finish. Use Cheek + Lips to create a subtle wash of color or layer it for a deeper, more intense flush."
Just as the name implies, this tint is indeed a rosy red. It's a gel-like consistency and It blends out to such a pretty flush! Model Co says not to rub this tint, but to tap it in with your fingertips which makes the application just perfect! On the cheeks it just looks so lovely and healthy.. I love it! I've only tried it on my lips once but immediately took it off since I didn't like how it felt.. It wasn't all that noticeable on my lips, though.
Something else I'd like to share is that this smells like strawberries! Sometimes the scent makes me happy.. and sometimes it annoys me. I thought it was worth noting since scents in products can be a turn-off to some!

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