Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel Review & Swatches

Today I have some of Avon's new Brushed Metals Nail Enamels to share with you! I have three of six shades, which from left to right are Lilac Quartz, Dusky Copper, and Textured Topaz. These "pearly and metallic shades" have a brushed metal finish and are slighty textured. Like all Avon polishes they'll be $6.99CAN, but have an introduction price of $3.99.

Let's see swatches, shall we?

Swatched from left to right is Lilac Quartz, Textured Topaz, and Dusky Copper. I used two coats for Lilac Quartz and Textured Topaz as the formula for both of them was on the thinner side, and I used one coat for Dusky Copper which had a bit of a thicker formula. I didn't run into any application issues with any of these and they also dry quite quickly.

As for the shades.. I'm not sure which I like best. They're all very sparkly and pretty! Lilac Quartz is a pale lilac that can look quite silver. Textured Topaz is a light taupe-y color, and Dusky Copper is more of a rich, dark brown then a copper. The three other shades available are Brushed Gold (a pale gold), Platinum (a pale, silver-y blue), and Burnished Copper (a true copper).

What are your thoughts on these polishes?


  1. Omg I ordered lilac quartz and i am so excited to get mine!! I'm happy you review Avon products because i just found a rep that I like and have been experimenting more with their beauty products. I also really like the topaz one!

    1. Avon definitely has their gems! I hope you like yours! :)


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