Avon Clearskin Black Mineral Mask Review

I've always wanted to try the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, but the $41CAN pricetag isn't very friendly. Recently though, Avon came out with a new addition to their Clearskin line: the Black Mineral Mask. Its unique formula with oil-absorbing mineral clay draws out impurities and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. I was excited to see it and decided to try it out.. so here it is!

You're supposed to apply a thin layer of this mask, and it's not too thick and is easy to spread.. then you have to wait for it to dry which supposedly takes ten to fifteen minutes. With my experience it takes about twenty to thirty minutes for it to completely dry. As it dries it turns from black to white:

As it's drying you can definitely feel it start to tighten on the skin.. With this mask on I'm unable to convey emotions and can hardly open my mouth. Fun stuff, really. Anyway, after it's all dry you simply rinse it off with warm water. Removing this mask can be quite tedious since it hardens, and I would recommend using something like an exfoliating pad to help get it off if you're really impatient! Once I dried my face my skin was left feeling very clean and soft, just as Avon claimed. It also left my skin feeling refreshed and even looking a little brighter as well!

Overall, it's a good mask and I would recommend it.. plus it's only $7.99 ($33 less then the Boscia mask)! What do you think of it?

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