NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk Review & Swatches

I finally manged to get my hands on the ever popular NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, and I'm ready to share my thoughts on it! It was sold out for about three months before it came back in stock, so I was hoping the wait would be worth it after hearing so many rave reviews. Let's take a look at what NYX says about these pencils:

"A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly - no pulling,  tugging or fading - and come in a rainbow of vivid hues."
In my opinion, this definitely isn't the jumbo eye pencil to rule them all.. but it's still good and handy to have in your collection.
Here's Milk swatched; on the left is unblended and on the right it's blended out. As you can see, it's a stark, pure white. Most people use it as a base to help their shadows appear more vibrant, which is the purpose I purchased it for.
I don't find it quite as creamy as Milani's Shadow Eyez (which I love!), but it still applies easily. It's also pretty easy to blend out, if not a bit.. tacky, for lack of a better word (I apologize!). The white color is brighter when layered over a primer, which I do recommend using.. more on that soon.
Sorry about the quality here; I took this picture with my phone!
As for making my shadows appear more vibrant.. Milk definitely does its job! On the left is the shadows on their own, and on the right is over Milk. I think you can tell the difference better with the first shadow.. it's pretty sheer and not that pigmented and I was pretty impressed with the difference!
Okay, so what about staying power? I did a little test and used a primer on one eye, and none on the other. Then I applied Milk, and did my eyeshadow as usual. Here were my results:
On the eye that I used both primer and the Jumbo Eye Pencil on I experienced no creasing or fading in six hours! The color of my shadows also looked more even more vibrant then on the eye I used no primer with. On the eye that I only used the Jumbo Eye Pencil on (with no primer beforehand!) my eyeshadow was able to stay crease-free for about three hours, but the colors did begin to fade a bit. After six hours my eyeshadow had creased and also faded quite a lot. So, obviously I would definitely recommend using a primer alongside the pencil!
Overall, I do like this product. I love that it helps with the vibrancy of my shadows, and I don't mind having to use a primer along with it. I don't think it's a must-have, but like I said.. it's handy to have; especially if you have a lot of colorful shadows or shadows that just need an extra boost that primer alone doesn't give.
What are your thoughts on the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk? Let me know in the comments!

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