NYX Single Pan Eyeshadows Quick Reviews & Swatches

Today I have three of the NYX Single Pan Eyeshadows to quickly share with you! The shades that I have from left to right are Seafoam Green, Sensual, and Pacific.

All three shades were very buttery and smooth, as well as nicely pigmented and pretty true to pan. They did swatch a little bit unevenly, but nothing too bad. A small problem is that Seafoam Green and Sensual were almost too buttery soft which causes them to crumble a bit (see below). Here are the swatches:

Here they are swatched in the same order as they're shown above (with no primer or base). Seafoam Green is a frosty green teal with silver sparkles and has a Frost/Shimmer finish. It looks really pretty in the pan but swatched it's just too frosty for me and I can't see myself using it. Sensual is a dark, plummy brown with flecks of glitter.. it's also a Glitter finish as described by NYX. It's a nice color and I can see myself actually using it..! I think it'd look nice in the outer corners on on the lashline. And Pacific is a cool, pastel blue (I wanna say that there's some lavender in there too..) and has a Frost finish. Again, it's too frosty for me personally.. but still a nice shade.

Overall, I feel these eyeshadows were just average. There just seems to be something missing that I can't quite put my finger on. I think it might be that once they hit the skin they seem to turn kind of powdery.. I don't love or hate them, but out of the three I liked Sensual the best. What's your experience with the NYX Singles?

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  1. Seaform Green and Pacific look gorgeous. Its a shame that you find those two too frosty for your liking. Hopefully you still will find some way to use them that you would like.


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