Maybelline EyeStudio Eyeshadow Palette in Autumn Dream Review & Swatches

I'm finally back with a new post! Today I'll be reviewing this Maybelline EyeStudio palette in Autumn Dream, which is from their limited edition Fall 2013 Runway Collection.

I've tried these particular palettes before and was impressed with the pigmentation and texture of the shadows, so I was hoping that this one would have the same quality. Spoiler alert: it did.

Autumn Dream first caught my eye with its beautiful jewel tones - perfect for fall. It contains an off-white with gold glitter, a shimmering violet and emerald, and a deep, almost black blue with light blue sparkles.

The shades are all gorgeous and swatched wonderfully. They're buttery smooth, soft, and have such rich color pay-off with just one swipe. I'm definitely impressed! If jewel tones are your thing then you need to go out and find this collection; the colors are beautiful, the quality is great, and it's a cheap option!

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  1. They are surprisingly very pigmented, gorgeous x


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