Two Nail Polishes Fit For a Monsters Ball!

Today I have two nail polishes to share with you that are certainly fitting if you're going to a Monsters Ball this Halloween! This is Bat My Eyes (left) and Howl You Doin' (right) from the Halloween 2013 Monsters Ball collection by China Glaze, and they are gorgeous.

Here's Howl You Doin' (middle left) and Bat My Eyes (middle right) swatched on a nail wheel. They're both full of tons of spooky sparkles! And here they are swatched on my nails:

Howl You Doin' is an aubergine with lots of different colored purple glitters (they almost look like flakies in these pictures!) and Bat My Eyes is a black base packed full of gold glitters. These polishes are so pretty it's almost scary..!
As for application, both were a on the sheer side and needed at least two coats (which is what I used) but this is pretty normal for glitters with colored bases. Along with being sheer these were also a wee bit runny though, but nothing too bad.
So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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