Avon Wrapped in Velvet Eyeshadow Palettes Review & Swatches

Today I'll be showing you Avon's new Wrapped in Velvet Eyeshadow Palette that recently came out. This palette comes in two variations: 'smooth & cool' and 'rich & warm', and I have both of them to show you.

These palettes are very thin and quite small (they fit right into my palm). The packaging is nothing exciting.. just black plastic with the Avon logo on it. Let's get to what's on the inside:

On the left we have Velvet Smoke which plays up cool undertones, and Crushed Velvet on the right which plays up warm undertones. Let's see some swatches, shall we?

Velvet Smoke
Crushed Velvet
(Please excuse my goosebumps; I took these photos outside and it was freezing! )
Each of the shadows (excluding the blacks in each palette which were a bit dry and patchy) swatched great and I only had to use one swipe each. The texture of the shadows (again, excluding the blacks in each palette) were quite buttery and smooth, whereas Avon's other eyeshadows are usually more on the dry, hard side.

While I was pretty impressed with how well these swatched I was left feeling disappointed once I tried applying them to the eyes. When I applied these with a brush they just ended up being really sheer and uneven which is unfortunate considering how rich and pigmented they are when swatched. Any of the color I was able to apply was then turned muddy when blended. I really wanted to like these palettes, and even though they swatch nicely they just don't perform that well. It's a bummer because both palettes are so pretty, but I think that you can skip these. What do you think?


  1. Fourth shade in V.Smoke is sooo nice, but other shades aren't really something.
    I'm so happy I've discovered your blog.
    You have great photos and great style of writing, and you love kittens too :))

    1. I'm happy to hear that! Glad you like my blog ^__^


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