MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N45 Review & Swatches

Let me introduce you to my new love.. the Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N45 by MAKE UP FOR EVER. I got a mini of it from Sephora, but I can definitely see myself purchasing a full size of it in the future. Before I share my thoughts, here's a blurb about this product from the Sephora website:

"Enriched with nourishing properties, Rouge Artist Natural keeps lips hydrated for eight hours after appliation. Its incredibly smooth texture glides on effortlessly for ultimate comfort while also leaving the lips supple and moisturized. Formulated with mother-of-pearl and colorful pigments, Rouge Artist Natural's transluscent shine adds a natural sheen to the lips."

N45 is described simply as 'red', but as you can see from my swatch it's a sheer, kind of pink-toned red. I wasn't expecting it from just looking at the bullet but it was a pleasant surprise for me! Here it is on the lips:

Besides the color, let's talk about what else I love about this lipstick.. Just as the description states, the formula is super smooth and easily glides onto the lips. It's comfortable to wear, non-drying, and the shiny, somewhat transluscent finish is really nice. Despite the emollient formula this lipstick also has pretty good lasting power.. It stayed on through eating and drinking, and while the shine faded the color remained for quite a while after. My only complaint would be that it has a slight 'generic lipstick' taste which I don't enjoy, but aside from that it's love! The description from Sephora for this lipstick is basically spot on!

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