MAC Brush Cleanser Review

I've heard many good things about MAC's Brush Cleanser, and I'm happy to announce that it didn't disappoint. Like most of you, I hate washing my brushes and like a cleanser that's easy and fast to use.. and this one is! It comes in a generic bottle with a push down lid and contains 235ml for $18(CAN). To test its cleansing powers I chose to wash my foundation brush (Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) along with an eyeshadow brush (Sigma E25) that had been taken over by shimmers. All I did was wet the brushes as directed, and then I poured a little of the cleanser into my palm and swirled the brushes around.. The eyeshadow brush was clean in seconds - not a speck of shimmer or color was left behind. As for my foundation brush, it did an adequate job but there was still a bit of staining left around the center. Foundation can be hard to get out though, and I'm only able to get it out completely with dish soap and extra virgin olive oil (which I use for deep cleaning) so I didn't bump any points for that. Overall, this cleanser did a better job (especially with foundation) then other brush cleansers I've tried and I'm very impressed with it. It doesn't have a strong scent, dries quickly, doesn't mess with the shape or feel of my brushes, and of course, does a great job at cleaning them. I definitely recommend it!

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