Venique Nail Lacquer in Glamorous Review & Swatch

Venique's Nail Lacquer in Glamorous is really pretty. Like, really, really pretty. It's full of gold shimmer and glitter as well as larger pink hex glitters all in a clear base, and it's what I wore for New Years Eve (though my cats were the only ones to see it since I didn't leave the house..).

Glamorous would definitely work as a topcoat seeing as it's sheer, but I wanted my nails to be fully blinged out so I used three coats which gave me pretty much full opacity. Very glamorous looking isn't it? I like that all the gold shimmer and glitter creates an almost foiled look. As for application I had no issues and the glitter dispersed evenly on the nails.. I hate when glitter clumps together in one spot so this one gets a thumbs up!

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