L'Oreal Color Riche Le Sourcil Eyebrow Pencil Review

When I ran out of my usual Maybelline Define-A-Brow I decided to try something different, and ended up getting this Color Riche Le Sourcil Eyebrow Pencil by L'Oreal to try. It comes in only two shades (which is silly), and I have it in the shade Deep Brown. I've actually been using it for quite a while now but forgot to review it earlier.. my bad. Anyway..
This eyebrow pencil is a standard pencil that requires sharpening, and features a spoolie on the end which I really like. The formula is on the drier side and initially the color is quite soft, resembling a powder finish; for more intensity all you have to do is use more pressure when applying it. Either way it looks nice and natural on the brows, and the spoolie helps to blend it in seamlessly. Personally, I only have two downsides to this pencil.. One is that it's not as thin and precise as I'd like it to be for filling in the ends (or tails) of my brows. The other is that since I want it to be as precise as possible I find myself sharpening it almost constantly. I've used up a good portion of it already, whereas Define-A-Brow seems to last me ages and is cheaper. These things aside, I actually like this eyebrow pencil a lot. If you like this type of pencil and one of the shades matches you then I would give it a go.

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