Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Pink Rave Review & Swatches

Milani's Lip Intense Liquid Colors are a new product that claim to be heavily pigmented high shine glosses with the longevity of a lipstick. There are four shades to choose from: Red Extreme, Fiery Coral, Violet Addict, and Pink Rave, which is the shade I'll be reviewing today.

Before anything else, let's talk packaging.. If I could choose only one word to describe the Lip Intense packaging it would probably be garish. I don't care for it at all but it's the product inside that counts right? Anyway, time for swatches..

Pink Rave swatched
Pink Rave applied (I apologize for the photo quality!)
Pink Rave is a bright, hot pink and is super pigmented with just one swipe. For application you get just the right amount of product on the wand so that you don't need to go back for more which is nice. The formula is creamy, but not as creamy as a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which is comparable, and applies quite smoothly. I can tell there's something on my lips at first which is a bit annoying but fortunately I forget about it in about five minutes. As for wear time it wears pretty well; it does transfer a bit if you're having a drink or kissing a cat but it's not until about two and a half hours that it wears down and you're left with just a stain. At this point my lips were really dry and uncomfortable though, so you might want to add a balm on top or just reapply the product. You can get away with just wearing the stain left behind but obviously it won't be as bright.
Overall, I have no strong feelings for this product..  It's nice but I just feel kind of 'meh' about it. Have you tried any of the Lip Intense Liquid Colors? If you have I'd love to hear what your thoughts are in the comments!

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