theBalm Nude 'tude Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

When theBalm was last on Hautelook I decided to grab their Nude 'tude Eyeshadow Palette to add to my kit, and today I'll be sharing my thoughts and swatches with you. This palette contains twelve neutral shades that range from satins, to shimmers and mattes, and also comes with a small, dual-ended brush. Regularly it would cost you $36, but I was able to get mine for just $18 off of Hautelook. As usual for theBalm, the packaging has that cute, retro vibe going on.. especially on the inside:

The packaging for Nude 'tude comes in two styles: 'Naughty' (pictured above) and 'Nice'. The only difference between the two is the inside design; the outside design as well as the eyeshadows themselves remain the same. The 'Naughty' version, as you can see, features six pin-up girls with the eyeshadow pans covering their, ahem, more private parts. I personally think it's pretty cute and clever, but if it's not your thing the 'Nice' version has no pin-up girls and instead features the same picture from the outside of the palette (see here for comparison). Let's get onto the swatches now, shall we?

Here's the top row of shadows! From left to right is Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, Sophisticated, Sexy, and Serious. The first four swatches are just one swipe each, while the remaining two matte shades are two swipes each.

And here's the bottom row of shadows! From left to right is Snobby, Stand-Offish, Sultry, Seductive, Silly, and Sleek. Again, the first four swatches are just one swipe while the last two are three swipes for Silly and two swipes for Sleek. Overall I think that you get a pretty nice shade selection, but some of the shades do perform better then others. I don't want to make this post too long, so instead of talking individually about each shadow I'm going to group them together based on their performance...

Group one includes Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, SophisticatedStand-OffishSultry, and Seductive. Each of these shades had a nice, buttery texture, great pigmentation, and were easy to work with. All of them were fantastic, and out of the four mattes Sultry is definitely the best.

Group two includes the remaining three matte shades: Sexy, Serious, and Sleek. They all had a smooth texture without being stiff or powdery and were decently pigmented for mattes. While they weren't quite up to par with Sultry they're still good and were also easy to work with.

The third and final group includes the remaining two shades: Snobby and Silly, which both left me feeling disappointed for different reasons. The texture of Snobby was buttery yet.. powdery at the same time, and while the pigmentation was pretty good when swatched it didn't translate well to the eye. Applied with a brush it  becomes powdery, sheers out to mostly shimmer, and causes fallout; when applied with my finger however I don't get these problems so it's not a total letdown. Silly on the other hand was much more disappointing..  It looks so nice in the pan but it just wasn't at all what I was expecting. The pigmentation was sheer even with multiple swipes and it just seems like more of a layering kind of shade then something you'd use on its own.

So, what's the verdict? While I don't think Nude 'tude is a must-have it's still a great palette with excellent quality (save for two shades) and a nice selection of neutrals. The only thing I think this palette is missing is a matte highlight shade to really bring things together, but otherwise it gets a thumbs up! If you own Nude 'tude let me know what you think of it, and if not, is it on your wishlist?

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