Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum Fairy Review & Swatches

I've heard many good things about Wet n' Wild's Mega Last Lip Color over the years, so I finally got one to try out in the shade Sugar Plum Fairy, a supposed dupe for MAC's Rebel (which I don't own). The tube is pretty cheap and basic, and while I don't necessarily like it I don't hate it either.. what I do hate however is that the bullet doesn't fully retract. The cap is a bit tricky to take off, and it's almost impossible to remove it without nicking the actual lipstick which drives me insane.

Packaging issues aside, I really like this lipstick. Sugar Plum Fairy is a gorgeous, bright plum that I wasn't expecting to love as much as I do, and while it looks a bit intimidating in the tube it becomes much more friendly when applied. The color is nice and opaque, the texture is smooth, and it's pretty comfortable to wear as well.

Here's an awkward picture of me wearing Sugar Plum Fairy on the lips (my selfie game is weak lol). As you can see, it's much more wearable then you might have previously thought! As for wear time: excellent. I guess you could say it's mega lasting, heheh. I did my eat/drink/kiss(a cat) test like I do with all of the lip products I review, and while the color did transfer you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at my lips. The color still looked nice and fresh until about three and a half hours of wear when it finally began to fade. This lipstick does leave a stain though, so you'll probably get an even longer wear time if you're not eating and kissing cats like I was. Overall, this is a great lipstick - especially for under $3! I definitely recommend and I plan to get my hands on Cherry Bomb next (a supposed dupe for MAC's Diva)!


  1. this looks fantastic on you! and way cheaper than rebel, may have to check it out :)


    1. Thanks, Zoë! You should definitely check it out!

  2. Gorgeous color! Does look just like Rebel, and sounds like it behaves similarly too (although Rebel might be a little more transfer-proof if that's something you look for). Great bargain find!



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