SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Sea Glass Review & Swatch

Today I have a really beautiful nail polish to share with you! This is Sea Glass from SpaRitual's new Drift collection; a collection that's "inspired by a day at the beach" and "features colors found in the frosted, semi-translucent pale greens and blues of sea glass". Out of the six shades in the collection, this is the only one that caught my eye and I think that they did a wonderful job with it.. it really does remind me of sea glass! Here it is on the nails:

Sea Glass is a pale sea-green shade with fine, silver glitter and a really pretty lavender shift to it - it looks absolutely gorgeous when it catches the sunlight! The finish is a bit frosty and while I usually hate such finishes, this one is nice and appealing. The formula is quite sheer and thin, and while you could get away with two coats I would recommend using three (which is what I used in the above photo). Now for something a bit strange.. The more this polish dried it began to develop small, slight bumps.. I'm not sure if this is deliberate or not but I think that it actually added to the sea glass look. In the end, I kind of love this nail polish.. it's just so pretty and not only does it remind me of sea glass (obviously), but mermaids as well!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

I've been using Rimmel's (somewhat) new Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation for a while now and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts.. Let's get right to it, shall we? Here are the claims from the back of the tube:

"Feather-light, liquid mousse blends flawlessly for natural-looking, all day shine control. Silky smooth formula leaves a perfectly matte, baby-soft finish. Lightweight texture won't feel heavy or greasy."
In my experience all of these claims are true, but first let's talk about the shade selection. Stay Matte comes in eight shades, and believe it or not I use '103 True Ivory', the fourth lightest. Initially, I thought I would be the next shade up ('200 Soft Beige') but it's too dark for my current complexion. True Ivory definitely isn't my perfect match though, and while I find that I'm able to get away with it I do wish that there was a shade between it and Soft Beige. Honestly, the shade selection is pretty lousy.. The jumps between each shade are a bit much, and there are no options for darker-skinned ladies.
Moving onto the formula and performance.. Stay Matte is just as it claims: a mousse. It looks and feels a bit thick at first, but you only need a little for your whole face and it's quite easy to blend. I've applied it with my hands, a brush (I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush), and a damp sponge and while they all work I find that it's best applied with the hands. As for the coverage I was pleasantly surprised! It has medium, buildable coverage without looking or feeling heavy and cakey, and I find that I'm even able to skip concealer with it. I usually have to use a concealer on the dark spots I have on my forehead from picking pimples (horrible habit; do not recommend) but this does a good job at covering even those! As for the finish, it's a nice, natural looking matte and it really does leave the skin soft to the touch. Finally, the wear.. My skin gets more oily as we move into the warmer months and I'm happy to report that this foundation not only does a good job of keeping shine at bay but it also wears well all day. The verdict? I like it a lot and think it's definitely worth a try if you can get one of the shades to work for you. If you've already tried it let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush Quick Review

Gel liner is my favorite to use, but finding the right brush can be difficult. My biggest issue with liner brushes would probably be straying hairs, so when Real Techniques came out with this new Silicone Liner Brush I was instantly intrigued: it immediately went on my list of products to try.

To make things short and sweet: I like it. It takes a little bit of getting used to but it's really not all that different from a traditional liner brush (you know, except for the lack of hair). The brush is a good length, easy to hold, and the silicone tip is quite fine.. it's just flexible enough without being either too firm or flimsy. As for performance, it's easy to control and I can easily make my liner as thin or thick as I like. Lastly, it takes only a second to wipe clean which I really appreciate. Overall, I definitely think that this brush is worth a try... The only small downside I can think of is that because of the silicone the liner can sometimes go on a bit "streaky" at first, but all you have to do is go back over it to make it opaque so it's really not that big of a big deal!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash Quick Review

I've talked about loving The Body Shop's Tea Tree line before (see here), and today I have a quick review on their new Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash ($12CDN) to share with you. I was in the middle of a breakout (probably the worst I've had in years!) when I was browsing through The Body Shop, so when I came across this new cleanser it instantly peaked my interest. It didn't take me long to decide to try it out.. I've loved the other tea tree products I've tried and cream cleansers are also my personal preference. I've been using this product for about a month now and I have to say.. I kind of love it!

Like its name states, this wash is most definitely cool and creamy. The consistency is a nice cream that's neither too thin or too thick and is easy to work with. It spreads well and I find I only need about a dime sized amount for my whole face. Not only does this wash leave my skin feeling clean, it leaves it very cool and refreshed as well - so nice! Along with that, it doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight either. As for my blemishes, they've improved quite a bit since using this. If you're sensitive to scents you might find the tea tree a bit strong, though.. For instance, if I get it too close to my eyes or nose I can feel them burning a little bit. It doesn't really bother me but just a little warning! Overall, I really like this cleanser and can definitely see myself repurchasing it. If you have combination or blemished skin I would totally recommend giving it a try!

Four Cheap Must-Have Beauty Tools

Hello! Today I have a different kind of post for you.. If the title wasn't obvious, I'll be talking about four must-have beauty tools that won't leave a hole in your pocket. In fact, some won't cost you a thing! Let's get started right away, shall we?
One: Cosmetic Wedges/Sponges
We seem to write off these kinds of sponges but they're actually really great; they're a staple in my kit as well as my personal makeup routine! I love the Face Secrets latex-free ones that you can get at Sally's Beauty Supply. These wedges are great for applying foundation (whether used wet or dry), blending out edges (of contour, for example), and cleaning up eyeshadow fallout (they act just like an eraser!). I have to thank my teacher Jessica for introducing me to these!
Two: Business Cards
This next "beauty tool" shouldn't cost you a thing.. it's not too hard to find a business card! Some of you might already know about the wonders of a business card but for those who don't just keep on reading! These are great to use as a mascara guard (so you don't get mascara on your lids), as a guideline for winged eyeliner (hold it to the corner of your eye and trace along it for a clean edge), and even as a guideline for contouring (line it up with your ear, apply your contour, then soften the edge).
Three: Q-Tips
Ah, the q-tip.. I'm sure you've used them in your makeup routine before. These little guys are great for smudging out eyeliner, softening the look of lip liner, and cleaning up specks of mascara that might get on your eyelid. You can also use them to clean up nail polish mistakes!
Four: Your Hands
A pair of clean hands can be one of your best beauty tools (and they're free!). They're great for applying foundation quickly, and the warmth makes applying and blending in concealer a breeze. You can also use your fingers to apply eyeshadow (to the lid or brow bone), cream blushes, and even face highlighters. They also work well to blend/soften your highlight, contour, or blush!

Tarte Aqualillies Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Timeless Review & Swatches

Phew, that title is a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? Anyway, today I have this Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick by tarte in the shade Timeless to share with you. I know what you're thinking.. "Isn't this lipstick from their limited edition Aqualillies collection from last spring, though?" The answer is yes, but no worries.. it's still available to purchase on tarte's website. If there was no hope of getting your hands on it I probably wouldn't review it!

Okay, let's move on.. The Glamazon lipsticks come in tall, wooden tubes with the outer design matching the color of the lipstick itself. The packaging of Timeless is pretty much the same as the permanent  shades with only a few small differences (ex. the design on the cap, the Aqualillies logo). While I personally don't love or hate the packaging it's definitely something different in my collection.
Timeless is a beautiful, vibrant coral that just screams spring and summer. Aside from being opaque in one go the formula is super creamy and just glides onto the lips like butter. Since it is so creamy it does transfer easily if you're eating or drinking, but despite this the wear time isn't that bad. I would reapply it after about two and a half hours since it's a bit faded by then, but depending on if and what you're eating it might not last as long. For example, if you're eating something like a sandwich I find it wears off pretty noticeably around the center of the lips. I don't mind reapplying my lipstick though, so this isn't that big of a deal for me. Overall, while I think Timeless is really nice and love the shade I'm glad I didn't pay full-price for it ($34CDN) and was able to get it off of Hautelook for just $18. Question time: have you tried Timeless or any of the permanent Glamazon lipsticks? Share your thoughts in the comments!