Four Cheap Must-Have Beauty Tools

Hello! Today I have a different kind of post for you.. If the title wasn't obvious, I'll be talking about four must-have beauty tools that won't leave a hole in your pocket. In fact, some won't cost you a thing! Let's get started right away, shall we?
One: Cosmetic Wedges/Sponges
We seem to write off these kinds of sponges but they're actually really great; they're a staple in my kit as well as my personal makeup routine! I love the Face Secrets latex-free ones that you can get at Sally's Beauty Supply. These wedges are great for applying foundation (whether used wet or dry), blending out edges (of contour, for example), and cleaning up eyeshadow fallout (they act just like an eraser!). I have to thank my teacher Jessica for introducing me to these!
Two: Business Cards
This next "beauty tool" shouldn't cost you a thing.. it's not too hard to find a business card! Some of you might already know about the wonders of a business card but for those who don't just keep on reading! These are great to use as a mascara guard (so you don't get mascara on your lids), as a guideline for winged eyeliner (hold it to the corner of your eye and trace along it for a clean edge), and even as a guideline for contouring (line it up with your ear, apply your contour, then soften the edge).
Three: Q-Tips
Ah, the q-tip.. I'm sure you've used them in your makeup routine before. These little guys are great for smudging out eyeliner, softening the look of lip liner, and cleaning up specks of mascara that might get on your eyelid. You can also use them to clean up nail polish mistakes!
Four: Your Hands
A pair of clean hands can be one of your best beauty tools (and they're free!). They're great for applying foundation quickly, and the warmth makes applying and blending in concealer a breeze. You can also use your fingers to apply eyeshadow (to the lid or brow bone), cream blushes, and even face highlighters. They also work well to blend/soften your highlight, contour, or blush!

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