SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Sea Glass Review & Swatch

Today I have a really beautiful nail polish to share with you! This is Sea Glass from SpaRitual's new Drift collection; a collection that's "inspired by a day at the beach" and "features colors found in the frosted, semi-translucent pale greens and blues of sea glass". Out of the six shades in the collection, this is the only one that caught my eye and I think that they did a wonderful job with it.. it really does remind me of sea glass! Here it is on the nails:

Sea Glass is a pale sea-green shade with fine, silver glitter and a really pretty lavender shift to it - it looks absolutely gorgeous when it catches the sunlight! The finish is a bit frosty and while I usually hate such finishes, this one is nice and appealing. The formula is quite sheer and thin, and while you could get away with two coats I would recommend using three (which is what I used in the above photo). Now for something a bit strange.. The more this polish dried it began to develop small, slight bumps.. I'm not sure if this is deliberate or not but I think that it actually added to the sea glass look. In the end, I kind of love this nail polish.. it's just so pretty and not only does it remind me of sea glass (obviously), but mermaids as well!

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