L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review & Photos

Did you know that aside from makeup and cats I'm also a big anime and manga nerd? In fact, that's my reason for purchasing L'Oreal's newest mascara: Voluminous Miss Manga. This mascara claims to give you "the manga look" by amplifying the top lashes and maximizing the bottom lashes. 

The wand is cone shaped, which helps you get at those inner corner lashes, and is also slightly flexible.. L'Oreal calls it their "360 Flexor Brush". While I do like the wand, I find that quite a lot of product stays on it so I think the stopper in the tube could definitely be improved. Anyways, onto the performance..

Wearing 2-3 coats of Miss Manga Mascara
The formula of Miss Manga is on the wetter side, and while I usually don't like wet mascaras I had no issues with it. Application was easy, and I could easily get to the lashes near the inner corners of my eyes thanks to the cone shaped wand. Despite being in the Voluminous line, Miss Manga doesn't really offer much volume.. It gives much more length and separation instead. It also makes the lashes slightly clumpy, but I find that this actually adds to the whole manga look. In the end, this mascara leaves me looking more wide-eyed and dollish (or manga-ish in this case). If you're looking for more volume then you might want to skip this one, but I actually like it quite a lot! Will you be trying it? (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

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