QUICK REVIEW: Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I was noticing some slight redness in my skin-tone a while back, so I decided to use some gift cards I had to Shopper's Drug Mart and try out this Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer ($48CDN) in the 'Color Adjust' formula: a green shade meant to reduce redness. I've been using it since late June, and I'm finally ready to share my quick review with you! Let's get right to it.. First of all, I only need a good, pea sized amount of this primer for my entire face. The formula spreads and blends in easily, and since it's a silicone based primer it leaves a lovely, velvety smooth feel to the skin. Before I talk about how it performs as a primer in general, let's talk about how it does with the color correcting aspect.. I only noticed a subtle difference in my redness after applying this primer, so unfortunately it probably won't be the answer to your prayers if you have a lot more redness then me or something like rosacea. As just a primer it performs really well, though - it does a nice job of filling in fine lines and it keeps my foundation in place all day (even with the summer heat!) so I personally don't regret the purchase at all. Overall, if you only have slight redness like me it would be fine, but for anything more you might be left feeling a little disappointed. It is available in mini (0.4 oz) and travel (0.50 oz) sizes on Sephora, though, so you could always give it try before going for a full (1 oz) sized bottle! If you have tried it before, let me know how it worked for you in the comments!

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