Avon Big & Daring Volume Mascara Review

Ready for yet another mascara post? This is Avon's new Big & Daring Volume Mascara (currently $6.99CDN, but will be $9.99CDN) which claims to give 5x the volume without clumping, smudging, or flaking. I got it in the shade Blackest Black, but it's also available in Black and Brown Black.

This mascara has a "dynamite wire brush"; a "curved brush with multi-level patented bristles" to "capture every lash while sculpting and filling in gaps". It's definitely on the larger side, and because of that I find that I'm unable to get nice and close to the roots of my lashes. I also end up getting product all over my lash-line or under-eyes if I'm not careful which is kind of annoying. As for the formula, it's not too wet or dry but between the two I would say it leans more wet. It gave me pretty good length and separation, but for a mascara that claims to give you 5x the volume I found it a bit lacking (I don't have photos of it on my lashes this time so I apologize!). It gave an okay amount of volume but not nearly as much as I would like, and you all know I love my volume, haha! When it comes to the wear it gets two thumbs up, though. I experienced no smudging or flaking throughout the day, and when it came to the end of the day I found that it was actually quite difficult to remove. So what's my verdict? Although it didn't really impress me that much, it's still a nice mascara depending on what you're looking for. As far as Avon mascaras go though, AeroVolume is still my favorite!

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