QUICK REVIEW: EOS Visibily Soft Lip Balm Sphere in Coconut Milk

Today I have a super quick review on the new EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Spheres for you. The original EOS spheres aren't the best lip balms in my opinion (I prefer to use them as a primer before my lipstick), so I was excited when they came out with these new ones that claim to soften, hydrate, and nourish. I picked up the Coconut Milk flavor which is pink, but they also have Vanilla Mint which comes in blue. The packaging is pretty much the same as the original lip balms but they have slightly raised swirls going around the sphere which adds to the cuteness, haha. The Visibly Soft Lip Balm is less waxy and much slicker then the originals, and it definitely does a better job at moisturizing. My lips are always dry and chapped so I can be pretty picky about lip balms, but this one does a pretty good job at softening, hydrating, and nourishing just as EOS claims. I love to put it on before bed because when I wake up I find that I'm able to wipe away any dry spots and be left with nicer, softer lips. Overall, I'm quite happy and I can see myself repurchasing.. If you have dry lips or just weren't impressed with the original EOS balms I would totally recommend checking these ones out!

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel Review & Swatches

I'm kicking myself for not getting Benefit's Gimme Brow ($26CDN) earlier because it just makes life so much easier! I originally got a tube of it for my mom who has light, sparse brows and was really surprised by the results it gave her (in a good way!) so I told myself I would have to get myself a tube sometime. I've had my tube for about a week now and I'm completely and utterly in love.. I really wish I had gotten it sooner!

The packaging is cute and quirky (like all Benefit products), and quite small. It's about the length of my palm and the width of my index finger.. I was a bit shocked at first to see just how tiny it was but my mom has had her tube for about five months now and it's still going strong. As you can see, the brush is really tiny as well but it's actually the perfect size to run through the brows!

Gimme Brow comes in just two shades: Light/Medium (left) which my mom uses, and Medium/Deep (right) which is the shade that I use. Both are slightly cooler toned shades which are perfect for the brows.. Medium/Deep is probably the best match for me out of any brow products I've ever tried!

As for the performance, Gimme Brow is super easy and quick to apply - it's perfect if you're short on time or just don't like spending time on your brows because all you have to do is brush it through and voila! It fills in gaps and defines really well all while looking natural, and it sets the hairs in place without making them feel stiff or crunchy like other brow gels can do. It also wears well all day and won't come off until you want it to. It's all I've been using to do my brows since I got it, and I think it's already reached holy grail status for me.. it's that good!

Hautelook Heads Up! theBalm Cosmetics

Hey, everyone! I'm just dropping in to let you know that theBalm Cosmetics is currently on Hautelook (sale ends on Tuesday at 8AM Pacific)! theBalm is one of my favorite brands and I would totally recommend the following products: NUDE'tude Eyeshadow Palette, Bahama Mama Bronzer, Mary-Lou Manizer, ANY of the blushes (I love Swiss Dot and Cabana Boy), and their Sexy Mama Translucent Powder (my favorite setting powder!). If you like, you can find all of my theBalm reviews through this link. Happy shopping, and let me know if you get anything! I finally grabbed the Cindy-Lou Manizer so you can expect a review of that in the future!

NARS Lip Gloss in Priscilla Review & Swatches

Today's post will be on this NARS Lip Gloss in the shade Priscilla, which I got as a mini with my last Sephora order. I've been curious about these glosses for years, but since I'm not much of a lip gloss person the $29CDN price tag kept me away. I was really excited to finally try one and I have to say that I'm quite impressed! Before continuing, here's the product description from the Sephora website:

"A moisturizing lip gloss that supports anti-aging and imparts long-wearing, sophisticated shine and stunning color for subtle, everyday glamour."
Priscilla is described simply as a 'shocking pink', and doesn't pull either too warm or cool toned so everyone should be able to rock it. It sheers out on the lips upon first application, but you're able to add a bit more intensity to it by layering it. I'm wearing just one coat in the lip swatch below.
Isn't it pretty? I like that I have the option of wearing it more sheer like this or building the color up. Application was easy as pie, and the formula is so nice and smooth. It feels slightly cushiony and is comfortable to wear, isn't sticky at all, and really does feel moisturizing. It also has no scent or taste to it which is nice. It does seem to wear off rather quickly if you're doing things like eating and drinking, but it leaves a really pretty stain behind so you shouldn't have to worry too much about reapplying. To be honest, I think that this is the best lip gloss I've tried thus far! I give it two thumbs up!