Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon Review & Swatches

I have another disappointing red lip product to talk about today: the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon by Hourglass. I'm actually quite sad that it didn't work out for me since I've been wanting to try it for so long and was expecting to love it but hey, you win some, you lose some. This product comes in two sizes: a mini (0.03oz) for $12CDN (which is what I have), or a full size (0.10oz) for $33CDN. Here's a short description from Sephora:

"A richly pigmented, silky-smooth, matte lip color that delivers 14 hours of continuous wear without smudging or dryness."
Um. Yeah.. Unfortunately, I beg to differ.
Icon is a beautiful blue based red with just a hint of pink (my photos don't do it justice). It's glossy at first and then dries down all matte and lovely (shown in the above swatch). While the swatch may seem promising it all just went downhill once I put it on the lips.
This is shortly after it's been applied so it still looks slightly glossy (and decent..). This is just one layer so the pigment is good, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it. It comes with a flattened doe-foot applicator which seemed fine and dandy, but it ended up being too flexible (flimsy is a better word), making it more difficult to apply the product then it should be. After a few minutes on the lips it started to feel a bit drying, and got an almost tacky feel to it.. Then I pressed my lips together and this happened:
Look at how it wore right off on my top lip! The overall color also faded (in some spots more then others) and it just looks worn in general. It was super disappointing, especially when I hadn't even had it on my lips for more then twenty minutes. I went from upset that it wore so poorly, to grateful that I at least tried it at home.. Can you imagine how it would look if you went out to dinner or something? In conclusion, I would compare this product to someone who looks nice but ends up being a douchebag once you get to know them, and that makes me sad.

Lancôme Grandiôse Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara Review & Photos

I literally haven't blogged since last year, but I finally have a new review to share with you! Today I'll be talking about Lancôme's Grandiôse Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara ($35CDN), which my mom got me for Christmas (thanks mama!). As usual, let's start with a description of the product:

"This grand mascara reinvents a new application technique with its swan-neck wand. Grandiôse provides length, curve, and volume all-in-one as well as access to all lashes from corner to corner and root to tip."
The packaging isn't anything too exciting.. The tube gets thicker near the bottom, and fades from black to clear on the cap to reveal Lancôme's signature rose. The interesting part of this mascara is definitely the wand:

The brush itself is plastic with bristles of various lengths, but do you see how the wand curves? Here's a photo where you can see it better:
It might seem a little gimmicky at first, but it really does help with application! I can easily get to all of my lashes thanks to the "swan-neck" wand.. Even those tricky inner corner lashes as well as my bottom lashes. The formula is definitely on the wetter side, but unlike other wet formulas I've tried it doesn't seem to weigh down my thin lashes which is great.
Here's what two to three coats of Grandiôse looks like on my lashes.. It gives decent lift and curl, doesn't clump, and does a pretty nice job of fanning out the lashes (how many times have I said 'lashes' in this post, wow). The length and separation is good, and though the volume is also good I could personally use just a bit more! As for the wear, I can go the whole day with no smudging or flaking (though I've never had these problems with any mascara I've ever tried), and although it isn't a waterproof formula I find it slightly harder to remove then other regular mascaras. While I don't find this mascara particularily mind-blowing it does give good results and I really love the swan-neck wand.. It's not something you absolutely need to try but it's definitely a nice option if you're looking to splurge!