Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal Review & Swatches

Let's talk about my new favorite highlighter: Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal ($46CDN). I've wanted to try it for a while so I got it during Sephora's VIB sale, but I love it so much I wouldn't mind paying full price! Here's some info from the Sephora website:

What it is:
"A creamy powder luminizer that absorbs and reflects light for a superb natural glow."
What it does:
"Find refined luminosity in any light - this formula features ultrafine luminescent pearls that absorb, reflect, and refract light so your natural radiance is never lost. Unlike the traditional pressed powder method which simply mixes and compresses dry ingredients, this unique process blends pigments with proprietary liquid binders, resulting in unparalleled, creamy application with balanced color dispersion. Like a compact full of crushed gemstones, the multi-toned, ultra-fine pigment pearls adjust to skin's natural undertones for a truly unique glow."
It sounds pretty friggin' awesome, doesn't it? Well it is. Not only is the product itself beautiful, the packaging is really nice too.
Here's a heavy swatch of Opal, which is described as a 'golden opal pearl' and is perfect for summer. The pigmentation is fantastic, and the texture is super smooth (bordering on creamy) and is just lovely overall. It gives the skin such a beautiful, healthy glow that looks like it comes from within rather then just sitting on the skin, and the way it catches the light is stunning. It really does give you a 'superb natural glow', just as claimed! As for application, it blends like a dream and wears well on me all day (my skin gets a bit more oily this time of year). I'm absolutely loving it, and to be honest I think that it's the best highlighter I've tried thus far! If you haven't tried it yet then you definitely should!


  1. This is my FAVOURITE highlighter. I got this for Christmas last year and it has been my go-to highlighter ever since. Glad you're loving it, too!

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